Children’s Activities After Three (CAAT)

United Activities Unlimited, Inc has been providing after school, evening, weekend and summer activities in public schools on Staten Island since 1977. We have been recognized by the Borough President of Staten Island for providing quality programming.

We are delighted to continue Latchkey under our umbrella for the 2017-2018 school year.

Children’s Activities After Three (CAAT) Programs are held at PS1, PS5, PS8, PS13, PS38, PS45 and PS 59.
Participants will be able to attend the program 48 hours after the registration form and payment is submitted.

Please note that the program will not begin on the same date at all schools; start dates for each site are as follows:

  • PS 1: September 7th
  • PS 5: September 7th
  • PS 8: September 7th
  • PS 13: Monday, September 11th
  • PS 38: September 7th
  • PS 45: September 7th
  • *new*PS 59: TBA

Please note that September 7th is a Thursday. The 21st and 22nd of September are observance days for Rosh Hashana, so schools are closed.

Our Children’s Activities After Three (CAAT) programming will operate Monday through Friday, from dismissal until 6:00pm, with the exception of official school holidays and scheduled clerical half days. CAAT will also be closed on all four (4) Parent-Teacher Conference dates and parent-engagement dates.

The CAAT Program will conclude on the last full day of school in June.

CAAT activities will be supervised by experienced NYC Department of Education licensed teachers and paraprofessionals from each host school who will conduct the program in a wholesome, safe and fun filled environment. Snacks will not be provided. Program activities will include but are not limited to homework help, arts and crafts, and recreational age appropriate sports games.

The CAAT program ends promptly at 6:00pm so please make sure that the designated pick up person is aware as there are no provisions for childcare after 6:00pm closing. An emergency contact person must be listed on your application.

United Activities Unlimited does not administer medicine to children as per our School Age Child Certification. We are not required to have a nurse on staff, if your child uses an inhaler they must be responsible for keeping it in a safe place and know when & how to use the instrument. We do not dispense any kind of medicine.

United Activities Unlimited looks forward to this partnership.

For the 2017-2018 school year, UAU will be accepting online payments for the CAAT program using PayPal. If you would like to use a credit card to make your monthly payments click the link below.

(There will be an additional charge per transaction to cover PayPal’s fees: $5.00 for one child, $8.00 for two children, and $10.00 for three or more children.)

CAAT Recurring Payment

The recurring payment option will automatically bill you every 4 weeks for 10 cycles. If you set-up recurring payments after September, it is advised that you check back after your last payment to make sure the recurring payment has been stopped.

CAAT Single Payment

The Single Cycle Payment will allow you to make a payment through PayPal for one (1) cycle of the ten (10) total cycles that the enrolled guardian of a child is responsible for.

  • PLEASE BE ADVISED: There has been an increase of $20 per child to the monthly payment. The cost is now $220 per child.
  • Money orders and online payments through PayPal are the only acceptable forms of payment.
  • Personal checks will be mailed back to you.
  • Please write your child’s name and school on the lower right hand corner of any money orders.
  • In order to be up to date with the payment schedule, new participants are required to make 2 payments when they enroll mid year.
  • Keep all money order receipts as record of payment.
  • Late payments or non-payment will exclude your child from monthly registration.
  • CAAT payments will not be prorated, if your child begins attending in the middle of a month, you are required to pay the full month’s fee.
  • Participants will be able to attend the program 48 hours after the registration form and payment is submitted.
Please download the registration form and mail, with money order to:
*It is preferable that the registration form be scanned and emailed to (*

United Activities Unlimited, Inc.
PO Box 140707
Staten Island, New York 10314-0707

Payment # Month Payment Due 1 Child 2 Children 3+ Children
#1 September August 1st, 2017 $220 $390 $540
#2 October September 1st, 2017 $220 $390 $540
#3 November October 1st, 2017 $220 $390 $540
#4 December November 1st, 2017 $220 $390 $540
#5 January December 1st, 2017 $220 $390 $540
#6 February January 1st, 2018 $220 $390 $540
#7 March February 1st, 2018 $220 $390 $540
#8 April March 1st, 2018 $220 $390 $540
#9 May April 1st, 2018 $220 $390 $540
#10 June May 1st, 2018 $220 $390 $540

*The medical form will need to be submitted to the Teacher In Charge at your child’s site