Program Director: Samantha Goodman

Office: 718-982-4700 ext. 1142

Fax: 718-356-5834


Address: 225 Cleveland Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10308
Agency ID/SACC#: 709759

Regular Program Hours

Monday – Friday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

DYCD Registered Holiday Dates

  • 2/17/15 Midwinter Recess
  • 2/18/15 Midwinter Recess
  • 2/19/15 Midwinter Recess
  • 2/20/15 Midwinter Recess
  • 4/6/15 Spring Recess
  • 4/7/15 Spring Recess
  • 4/8/15 Spring Recess
  • 4/9/15 Spring Recess
  • 4/10/15 Spring Recess
  • 6/4/15 Chancellor’s Day

Homework Help

Students will work on assigned homework while receiving help from UAU staff. Resources on-site include school-day textbooks, calculators, writing utensils, and other basic homework needs. This activity supports school day curriculum. They will work in small groups under the instruction of teachers and counselors.In conjunction with the small groups they will be located in different classrooms which include Room 105,106,S4 and the cafeteria which will ensure their goals,skills and focus will be met.

Physical Recreation and Healthy Living

During Physical Rec., students will be sorted into teams and partake in either Basketball, Handball, Kickball, or a teacher-developed curriculum name “Mighty Milers” in which students walk or jog for exercise. The large gym is split into two gyms by a dividing wall.In the outside area we have a professional track (Mighty Milers), two kickball fields, soccer field and handball courts. In the indoor gym basketball and kickball will take place. The students will be divided into teams while learning the basic skills of the game.There will be tournaments involving other UAU schools as well as internal competitions.

Recreation Game Room

Students will have access to a variety of board games and video games to choose from. This will be supervised and students will be given guidance in sportsmanship and respecting one another. They will also have an opportunity to discuss game strategy and tactics.

SLT Leadership Development

Students will engage each other, their school, and their community in a curriculum based on the book: “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Steve Covey. These activities will be lead by by a pair of teachers trained for guiding these Leadership Teams. Students will take part of activities that will expose them to the concepts of voting, democracy, respect, surveys, and public engagement.

STEM Computers Enrichment

STEM Activities will include access the school’s Science Lab and Computer lab. In the Computer Lab, students will be taught computer skills including programming, word processing skills, spreadsheet skills, research techniques, and a variety of other valuable skills necessary for modern day computing.

STEM Science Lab Enrichment

STEM Activities will include access the school’s Science Lab and Computer lab. In the Science Lab, a teacher will be giving students hands-on experience with science lessons intended to align with the school’s schedule and CCSS.

Youth Art & School Beautification:

Students will be expressing themselves creatively while learning the principles of the fine arts. Throughout the year, they will work on several school-beautification projects that will be on display throughout the school grounds.

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