United Activities Unlimited is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program.  Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request for individuals with disabilities.  TDD/TTY# 800-662-1220
85 St. Joseph’s Ave SI, NY 10302  Port Richmond High School  718-420-2100 EXT 1144

Program Director: Dawn Barbato
Email: dbarbato@unitedactivities.org

Cell: 347-861-4008

Program Coordinator: Alison Miller
Email: alison@unitedactivities.org

Cell: 347-233-1371

Office: 718-420-1200 EXT. 1144
Fax: 718-981-6203

Address: 85 St. Josephs Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10302

ISY is available at the following High Schools:

  • Susan Wagner High School
  • Port Richmond High School

The In-School Youth – Transition-to-Adulthood Program (ISY) provides occupational skills, employment services, and education opportunities – year-round – to at-risk high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements.

The goals of the ISY program are to ensure that participants graduate from high school, pursue college education, and develop career goals.

ISY Program Services Include:

  • Objective needs assessments
  • Individualized Service Strategies
  • Guidance and counseling services
  • Tutoring Math and English
  • Work readiness training, including work place behavior and dress
  • Resume Writing
  • Remain-in-School supports
  • Enrollment in Summer Youth Employment Program
  • Follow-up services after completion of program
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