COMPASS Supervisor: Susie DiStefano

Program Director: Michele Clark
Director’s Cell: 917-831-8773
Director’s Email: 
Assistant’s Email:

Phone: 718-697-5200 during school hours Ext. 6, after school hours – Ext. 7
Fax: 718-356-0114

Address: 54 Osborne Street, Staten Island, NY 10312
Agency ID/SACC#: 244602

Program Website: UAU@PS55

DYCD Registered Holiday Dates (Program Open)

  • 09/21/2017 Rosh Hashanah
  • 09/22/2017 Rosh Hashanah
  • 10/09/2017 Columbus Day
  • 01/15/2018 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 02/20/2018 Midwinter Recess
  • 02/21/2018 Midwinter Recess
  • 02/22/2018 Midwinter Recess
  • 02/23/2018 Midwinter Recess
  • 04/02/2018 Spring Recess
  • 04/03/2018 Spring Recess
  • 04/04/2018 Spring Recess
  • 04/05/2018 Spring Recess
  • 04/06/2018 Spring Recess

Regular Program Hours

Monday – Friday 2:40pm (dismissal) – 6:00pm


Math club curriculum to improve competence with number sense, basic operations, algebra, geometry and problem solving. Lessons and activities will be aligned to school day instructions.


Afterschool Reading curriculum enriching fluency, comprehension, word study and writing. Lessons and activities will be themed around curriculum that is being instructed during the school day to support.


Arts and crafts curriculum. Sequential, project based activities.


Perform a variety of physical activities in complex motor and sports activities.


Assist all students with their homework given for the day. Guide students on what approaches to take on big projects.


Social skills training program to improve coping

NEWSPAPER (Grades 4 & 5)

Create school newsletter including current events, school news, and featured articles. Technology, media, literacy and writing.

Applications will be handed out freely. They will not be numbered. Parents will not be guaranteed a spot based on whether or not they received an application. Applications will be provided during a two week span; available at the front desk during dismissal towards the end of school. A pdf of the application is available below. The purpose here is for every parent to have ample time to collect and put together required documentation before a registration date.

The reason for this change is simple. When given a ‘numbered’ application that guarantees a spot in the program, parents become careless about completing their paperwork on time. We, as a program, find ourselves weeks into program with students that we have no paperwork for. This puts the program at jeopardy. If a student’s file is not on hand during one of our unannounced Department of Health visits, the program will be shut down and unavailable to everyone until paperwork is produced for that child. That is not a FAIR system as it punishes parents who are diligent with their paperwork and it puts a lot of people and children at risk.

Instead, parents will be given plenty of time to gather paperwork so that there is no excuse during a registration event to be missing paperwork. Medicals are the exception. We understand how pediatric insurance works and only request that medical information is provided to us yearly as soon as it is updated.

Registration will begin on a given date and time several weeks after applications are handed out. The registration event will be on a first-come-first-serve basis and will not close (we will accept applications year round to be placed on the waiting list). With 108 total slots, we provide on average 18 slots per grade. If there is an overwhelming turnout for one grade AND an underwhelming turnout for another (by at least 10 slots each) an adjustment MAY be made to accommodate the results. We must fill our slots. We must not and cannot enroll more than our total allotted slots.

Efforts will be made to make the entire P.S. 55 community aware of application and registration dates. We advise ensuring that you are on the school’s mailing list and that you are receiving them regularly. Make sure they are not falling into your spam folder (add the school’s email address to your address book).

Enrollment Application

For an application in another language, please contact the program director.

Medical Form

Whether the medical form is this one or one provided by the doctors office, it must include a summarized statement of the child’s current health, a record of immunizations, a doctors signature or stamp, and contact information for the doctor.

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