United Activities Unlimited is providing three self‐sustaining summer camps for children ages 5‐13
during the upcoming summer session. The camps dates are July 5th, 2018 to August 10th, 2018.
The deadline for applications is June 30th.
Applications will be done online this year. Please use the link below:

SI Tech Summer Camp Registration

P.S. 53 Summer Camp Registration

P.S. 54 Summer Camp Registration

All supplemental documents can be forwarded to the PO Box or to majlinda@unitedactivities.org.
Please include the full name of the child and the name of the camp they are attending on the money order.

All sites have early drop off at 8AM available to all participants. The sites are:

  1. P.S. 53: 330 Durant Avenue, 10308 (Traditional, 9AM – 3PM)
  2. P.S. 54: 1060 Willowbrook Road, 10314 (Traditional, 9AM – 3PM)
  3. Staten Island Tech High School: 485 Clawson Street, 10306 (Options Below)
  • Option 1) Sports, and Arts & Crafts (9AM – 3PM), (5-13 years old) – $650
  • Option 2) Sports, Arts & Crafts + STEAM Camp (9AM – 3PM), (10-13 years old) – $800
  • Option 1 or 2 + SHSAT Tutoring – Additional $200 (This is would be incorporated into the regular day)
  • Option 1 or 2 + Extended Day – Additional $200 (This would run from 3PM – 6PM)
  • Option 3) SHSAT Tutoring Only (10-13 years old) (1PM – 2PM) – $200
  • Option 4) Platinum Package (10-13 years old) (9AM – 6PM) Sports, Arts & Crafts + STEAM Camp + SHSAT Tutoring + Extended Day – $1100

We accept payments for the exact amount on a money order, or you can use the PayPal link below, which includes a 2.9% + $.30 fee by PayPal for providing this service:

Summer Camp Options
Child’s Name

Required Documents:

  • Application (Online)
  • Emergency Home Contact (Online)
  • Medical – Summer Camp 2018 Medical
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (Your child must be 5 years of age by July 6, 2018 and cannot be 14 years of age by the time camp begins.)
  • Money Order

United Activities Unlimited, Inc.
P.O. Box 140707
Staten Island, NY 10314-0707

The Department of Health requires every child to have their “well child” physical examination to be current (i.e. within a year of the summer camp end date). If your child’s medical is dated before August 14, 2017, a new one must be presented by the first day of camp.

United Activities Unlimited, Inc. summer day camps are licensed by the New York City Department of Health and are inspected twice yearly. The inspection reports are filed at the Bureau of Day Camp and Recreation. USDA – through the NYCBOE Office of School Foods and Nutrition Services – provides free breakfast and lunch.

For further information you may contact the site Program Director via email:

PS 53 – Mike Riccardelli MRPS44@aol.com
PS 54 – Kristin Bermudez Krisgirl3117@aim.com
SI Tech – Eric Lundell Eric.Lundell1525@gmail.com

SI Tech Flyer

PS 54 Updated Flyer

PS 53 Flyer

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