2023-2024 CAAT (Children’s Activities After Three)

United Activities Unlimited, Inc. has been providing afterschool programs for elementary-aged youth since 1977. To support families, UAU offers cost-effective childcare activities in various schools throughout Staten Island.

CAAT activities are supervised by experienced NYC Department of Education licensed teachers and paraprofessionals from the host school who create a safe, engaging and entertaining environment.

Snacks are not provided. Program activities include but are not limited to homework help, arts and crafts, sports and age-appropriate recreational games.

CAAT programs are offered in PS 1, PS 5, PS 6, PS 8, PS 13, PS 32, PS 38, PS 39 and PS 45.

CAAT programming will operate Monday through Friday, from dismissal until 5:45 pm, except for official school holidays and clerical half days. CAAT will also be closed on Parent-Teacher Conference and Parent-Engagement dates.

The CAAT program ends promptly at 5:45 pm. Please ensure that children are picked up on time as there are no provisions for childcare after closing. An emergency contact person must be listed on your child’s application in case we cannot reach a parent or guardian for pick up.

United Activities Unlimited, Inc. does not administer medicine to children as per our School Age Child Care licenses. We are not required to have a nurse on staff. If a child has an inhaler, the child must know how to use it and be responsible for keeping it in a safe place. We do not dispense any medications.

To secure your child’s spot for September, please make sure that the UAU administrative office receives both the application and payment. YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE FIRST DAY OF PROGRAMMING UNLESS THE TEACHER IN CHARGE GETS CLEARANCE FROM THE UAU ADMINISTRATION OFFICE. If you have any trouble with making payment, please call (718) 987-8111 extension 820.

For any further questions about CAAT programming, please email Enza Maniscalco, the CAAT Program Supervisor, at EPCASTELLUCCIO@GMAIL.COM.


For the 2023-2024 school year, UAU will be accepting online payments for the CAAT program using the registration portal below.

*For 2022-2023 school year payments that are still outstanding, please send an email to caatpayments@unitedactivities.org.*

CAAT Recurring Payment

The recurring payment option will automatically bill you each month for 10 cycles on the date that you make the first payment. If you set this up after 9/30, it is advised that you stop the subscription after your June payment is made to avoid making extra payments.

CAAT Single Payment

The single payment will cover one (1) cycle of the ten (10) total cycles in the school year. You can make single payments when you prefer (as long as it is before the due date), instead of having the recurring payment come out on the same date each month.

  • The monthly cost is $290 per child (Online payments include an additional fee).
  • Money orders and online payments through are the only acceptable forms of payment.
  • Personal checks will be mailed back to you.
  • Please write your child’s name and school on the lower right hand corner of any money orders.
  • In order to be up to date with the payment schedule, new participants are required to make 2 payments when they enroll mid year.
  • Keep all money order receipts as record of payment.
  • Late payments or non-payment will exclude your child from monthly registration.
  • CAAT payments will not be prorated, if your child begins attending in the middle or the last week of a month, you are required to pay the full month’s fee.
  • Participants will be able to attend the program up to 48 hours after the registration form and payment is submitted.

*It is preferable that the registration form be scanned and emailed to caatpayments@unitedactivities.org *
Please download the registration form and mail, with money order to:

United Activities Unlimited, Inc.
1200 South Avenue Suite 304
Staten Island, New York 10314-3424

Payment # Month Payment Due 1 Child 2 Children 3+ Children
#1 September August 1st, 2023 $290 $515 $715
#2 October September 1st, 2023 $290 $515 $715
#3 November October 1st, 2023 $290 $515 $715
#4 December November 1st, 2023 $290 $515 $715
#5 January December 1st, 2023 $290 $515 $715
#6 February January 1st, 2024 $290 $515 $715
#7 March February 1st, 2024 $290 $515 $715
#8 April March 1st, 2024 $290 $515 $715
#9 May April 1st, 2024 $290 $515 $715
#10 June May 1st, 2024 $290 $515 $715



At an additional cost, an early drop off/morning program is provided for:

P.S. 8 ONLY Starting at 7:30 AM