Fatherhood Matters

UAU’s Fatherhood Matters program is a supportive resource to uplift and educate non-custodial fathers. Fatherhood Matters provides fathers with a knowledge and skill-based certificate program on effective parenting skills. Fathers participate in a 10-week father-specific workshop series with a focus on healthy parent-child relationships, self-care, and modeling responsibility. The dedicated case managers assist and empower fathers in their endeavors, while providing guidance along their journey. We assist fathers in navigating public benefits, child support, finding and sustaining employment, or arranging child visitation. The program offers support to alumni who complete the certificate program and want to offer their support to other fathers. The Fatherhood Matters program aims to impart a new understanding on the importance of fatherhood, and empower fathers to play an active role in the life of their child/ren.

Senior Case Manager: Vernon “Dyverse” Wooten
Email: DWooten@unitedactivities.org

Phone: 718-448-5151

Address: 400 Victory Blvd Suite C, Staten Island, NY 10310

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