College Access For All

College Access for All – Middle School is a new initiative that has been put forth by the City to ensure that every middle school student will be exposed to a college-going culture.  This program promotes college-focused conversation in middle school which helps give students an opportunity to make better decisions in high school and for their future. Through College Access for All – Middle School, every student will have the chance to visit a college campus at least once in grades 6-8.  In addition to college-focused events and tours, there are also ten lesson plans that are designed to encourage students to expand their mindset around going to college. This initiative promotes the idea that college is real and accessible to thousands of students each year.

United Activities Unlimited, Inc. College Access for All – Middle Schools

Contact UAU-CA4A
Program Supervisor: Jon Baratta

Office Phone: 929-314-5585

Address: 1000 South Avenue Staten Island, NY 10314