Information for businesses (SYEP)

Since 2004 UAU has placed almost 40,000 young adults in internships in various sectors across NYC.

As part of various business networks, UAU actively engages the business community to expand its list of internships, and is dedicated to helping businesses develop a pipeline to future employment.

If you are a business interested in working with SYEP interns, please review the process outlined below:

  • The SYEP lottery begins to accept applications in late winter.
  • Worksite recruitment begins in early spring. Worksites must fill out a short application with basic information about their business and a short job description for prospective SYEP participants.
  • The NYC Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD) reviews the application to ensure that the information is in accord with their rules and regulations.
  • Upon DYCD approval, a UAU representative visits the worksite in person to assess the facility and meet with a worksite representative.
  • In the spring, UAU begins enrolling participants. Once participants are enrolled and complete orientation, UAU staff meets with each participant one-on-one to assess their interests and skill sets and assign them to a worksite accordingly. This process happens on a rolling basis, so worksites should expect to receive their roster on a rolling basis leading up to the start of the program.
  • UAU provides 8 hours of general orientation/work readiness training. Worksites should be prepared to give basic on-the-job training respective to participant’s specific duties.
  • From there, participants can provide 25 hours per week of assistance to your businesses
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Some of the ways UAU Interns Add Value:

  • Providing technical support
  • Extracting data from online forums
  • Monitoring equipment and troubleshooting problems
  • Installing and testing computer hardware
  • Processing and verifying accounting information
  • Creating weekly and monthly financial reports
  • Greeting and escorting visitors
  • Maintaining filing systems
  • Organizing incoming and outgoing mail
  • Developing and providing tours to visitors
  • Assisting with event planning
  • Working at your organization

Depending on your industry, we can potentially match you with an intern who is studying the field you are in. When it becomes time to apply as a worksite, you can communicate any special requirements or skills you would like to request.

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I had a very positive experience with Franklin and he showed a lot of initiative taking on the tasks that were assigned to him. Having him as an intern allowed us to take the time to work in a lot of detail on the drawings for a project that otherwise we might not have had the time to do. Franklin also knew some of the very latest tricks in AutoCAD software that the rest of our office was not familiar with so we all will have learned quite a bit from having him as an intern this summer. Thanks.

-Chris Farnum, Industry City


This is SIEDC’s third summer in a row participating in the Ladders for Leaders for program with United Activities Unlimited. Each year, new students become a part of the SIEDC team, and are always an asset to the organization. Their enthusiasm and ability to take on new tasks creates a positive work environment for the entire staff. Working with UAU is an important community partnership, that should be used by businesses in Staten Island.  These partnerships help to create a network of young professionals who live and work in the borough.

 -Megan Kenny, Staten Island Economic Development Council


This is our second year working with the Ladders for Leaders Program and we continue to be impressed. It’s refreshing to see young, energetic and motivated future leaders working towards goals and adding to the fabric of our environment. These young adults weren’t here to pass the time or to file papers but came eager to learn, willing to contribute and determined to execute. We look forward to continuing to work with the Leaders Program and we are hopeful that our community will have true leaders for tomorrow.

-Frank Rizzo, Cornerstone Realty


Our time with our Ladders for Leaders interns is something we look forward to! It’s my chance to help mentor and encourage students to pursue paths in the entertainment business. Even before we hire our interns, we identify their strengths and interests and try to give them larger projects to work on, so they have something towards their portfolio for future jobs.

One of the highlights of the program this year was the interns instrumental help in some of our video production projects. From research to partaking in our pre-production meetings, I have been impressed with their enthusiasm and ease in making them part of our larger team.

I have brought back interns who were interested in continuing their internship for the fall season and have hired interns part time from the Ladders program.

Working with UAU is an instrumental step in getting great interns into our organization.

-Elizabeth Chan, Merry Bright Music Enterprises