Work, Learn & Grow

The Work, Learn & Grow (WLG) program is designed to allow you to build on the experiences gained in SYEP. WLG gives you the opportunity polish the skills you developed over the summer, and show colleges/potential employers that your work habits extend beyond the summer.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Ages 16-21
  • Participated in SYEP immediately preceding WLG
  • Currently enrolled in school

What are the benefits?

  • Extended duration of the program allows you to become fully engrossed and further invested in your internship
  • Learn to balance school, work and other activities equips you with time management skills to set you up for future success
  • Receive paid work readiness training
  • Work for 22 weeks from October to March for 10 hours a week at $15/hour
  • Receive more individualized attention from staff

For further information, contact the Program Coordinator:

Program Coordinator: Jason Kennedy

Office Number: 929-314-5585

Address: 278 New Dorp Lane, 2nd Fl. Staten Island, NY 10306